Why Katy's Barking Gecko ?!

I love to travel, I love to cook and to try new recipes...

After returning from yet another trip to South Africa I browsed one of my Food Magazin subscriptions and

we started to envision how it might be to have a small, a very small restaurant. Somewhere in Australia or

South Africa.
Maybe 4 or 5 tables.
To be in the kitchen wearing t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops cooking for fun and nice people....

Doesn't that sound great ?!
We even came up with a name: Katy's Barking Gecko

Well there is no restaurant (so far....), but heaps of favourite recipes.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I just returned from a meeting with friends in Düsseldorf.
Although it is not really the right City/Region to enjoy Kaiserschmarrn (you usually eat this in Austria or Bavaria), one of them tried that sweet dish and was absolutely delighted.
So I had a look through my recipes at home and voilà, dug out this simple and tasty recipe.


¼ liter of milk
3 Egg yolks
pinch of salt
1 tbsp icing sugar
160 g flour
1 tablespoon cream
3 Egg whites, beat them till stiff
30 g raisins, soaked in rum or in juice
60 g butter, for frying
10g vanilla sugar
icing sugar, for dusting


Mix the milk, egg yolks, salt, sugar and flour, well.
Stir in the cream and the beaten white of the eggs, add the raisins.
Melt the butter in a frying pan, pour the batter in and let it get slightly crisp and brown underneath, then turn around.
Let that side get slightly crispy and brown as well.
Now tear into small pieces using two forks.
Let it again roast for a little while.
Sprinkle the whole with some vanilla and powdered sugar.

Preferably serve with plum compote.

More info about the Kaiserschmarrn here 

Richard I hope you like it ;-)

This is how Richard's Kaiserschmarrn with plum compote and vanilla icecream looked like, delicious don't you think ?!

Photo taken by Richard Harris


  1. Wonderful recipe - I really hope, Richard is brushing up his kitchen skills!
    THX, Katja!

  2. Richard should prepare this for us on the next meet :-D