Why Katy's Barking Gecko ?!

I love to travel, I love to cook and to try new recipes...

After returning from yet another trip to South Africa I browsed one of my Food Magazin subscriptions and

we started to envision how it might be to have a small, a very small restaurant. Somewhere in Australia or

South Africa.
Maybe 4 or 5 tables.
To be in the kitchen wearing t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops cooking for fun and nice people....

Doesn't that sound great ?!
We even came up with a name: Katy's Barking Gecko

Well there is no restaurant (so far....), but heaps of favourite recipes.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Snapshot No. 23

In 2001 I have been to Mallorca for the first time.
Like many others I was prejudiced. Mallorca. Party island, island full of drunken party people, pubs where German pop songs are being played, restaurants where German is spoken, German menus on display, too many tourists and tourist traps.
But I was disabused and quite a couple of trips to this beautiful Island followed after that first encounter.

There are many wonderful small villages, lovely little restaurants and peaceful, quiet places where you can relax and enjoy the friendliness of the locals.
Like Port de Valldemossa (the village of Valldemossa itself, with its famous Charterhouse, is busting with tourists), a pleasant drive along a narrow and winding road down towards the little harbour, only a couple of kilometres after you have passed Valldemossa Village.
A pretty small parking lot, a lovely and nearly empty beach, picturesque quarry stone houses with blue window shutters that’s all….

This is where I took this pic of a black Cat.
There are dozens of cats around the harbour, waiting for the fishing boats to come in and they always get their share.....

Apart from the above there is one small restaurant, "Restaurant Es Port".
Friendly service, simple but delicious meals, especially the fresh fish is something I can absolutely recommend.

Restaurant Es Port / Port the Valdemossa, Mallorca

So give it a try, maybe you'll discover more of the hidden secrets of Mallorca…

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